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NJAEOP Scholarships

Mary Skidmore Scholarship Award Application

  1. The New Jersey Association of Educational Office Professionals Member Scholarship was established to assist members of the New Jersey Association of Educational Office Professionals who are pursuing a Professional Development Program Certificate and/or an Office Technology or Business Degree.

  2. Scholarships shall be awarded by the Scholarship Committee to the recipient at the Annual Meeting.

  3. The NJAEOP Member Scholarship is a tuition only scholarship; value is tied to tuition paid by the recipient.  (Money cannot be used for books and other expenses.)  If your Board reimburses you for the full amount you are not eligible; however, if your Board provides partial or no reimbursement, you are eligible for the amount not paid by your Board or from any other source.

  4. Scholarship applicants shall be evaluated by the Committee on the following criteria:
    a.  Applicant must have been an NJAEOP member for the past three years immediately preceding the date of the scholarship application deadline.
    b.  applicant must either hold or have made application for a Professional Development Program Certificate.
    c.  The maximum value of the scholarship shall be $500.
    d.  Payment for the scholarship will be made directly to the college upon receipt of enrollment.
    e.  NJAEOP members may apply for a scholarship as many times as they desire.  In order to be eligible for a second or subsequent scholarship award, an applicant must have maintained at least a 2.8 (of a possible 4.0) grade point average during the term for which the previous scholarship award was made.
    f.  Completed applications must be submitted to the Scholarship Chairman, postmarked no later than July 1.
    g.  A rating system of 100 points shall be used in determining the scholarship recipient's).
         (1)  Up to 50 points may be awarded for participation and leadership positions in local and/or county associations of educational office personnel and in NJAEOP.
         (2)  Up to 25 points may be awarded for past academic performance based on SAT, ACT scores or transcripts of previous course work.
         (3)  Up to 25 points may be awarded for nearness to completion of degree or work toward a Professional Development Certificate.

  5. More than one scholarship may be approved during a fiscal year provided allocated funds are available.
  6. No scholarship will be awarded if the scholarship committee concludes that no applicants meet specified qualifications.

    Please Click Here for a Scholarship Application

Executive Committee
Dawn Leek, Atlantic County
 Past President Judi Schwenger, Atlantic County
 Vice President Brigitte Walters, Atlantic County
 Treasurer Marie Hunter, Atlantic County
 Recording Secretary Melissa Cruz, Essex County
 Correspondence Secretary Marian Stefanski, Atlantic County
 Membership Chair Kathy Napier, Ocean County
 Editors Bulletin Board
Kathy Napier, Horizon Dawn Leek
 Asst. Membership
Cheryle Conti, Cape May County
 Email Coordinator Kathy Napier, Ocean County
 Convention Asst. Laura Quinones, Atlantic County
 PDP Registrar Joanne Duncan, Essex County
 Member-@-Large Cheri Harris, Essex County

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