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NJAEOP Newsletters

Bulletin Board
Bulletin Board Newsletter is Emailed to all members... If you would like a copy,
please email your information to (

"The 2019 NJAEOP Convention" issue will be emailed to ALL members and mailed to those without email addresses.
If you would like a copy, please send your request to:
jeffdawnleek@gmail.com or call 609-965-4181.



Executive Committee
Judith Schwenger, Atlantic County
 Vice President Brigitte Walters, Atlantic County
 Treasurer Marie Hunter, Atlantic County
 Recording Secretary Liz Rabush, Atlantic County
 Correspondence Secretary Marian Stefanski, Atlantic County
 Membership Chair Kathy Napier, Ocean County
 Editors Bulletin Board
Kathy Napier, Horizon Dawn Leek
 Asst. Membership
Cheryle Conti, Cape May County
 Email Coordinator Jessica Anaya, Cape May County
 Convention Asst. Laura Quinones, Atlantic County
 PDP Registrar Judith Schwenger, Atlantic County
 Member-@-Large Cheri Harris, Essex County

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