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NJAEOP Membership Information

Why I should Join NJAEOP

 Secretaries and other office personnel have been striving to improve the professional image for many years. They have found that the
 most effective way to do this is through a collective effort. The realization is that through membership in a professional organization
 (or organizations) such as the New Jersey Association of Educational Office Professionals, they can achieve exciting benefits for their
 career and themselves and also obtain professional growth through their attendance at workshops, seminars, and credit through college courses. 

By joining a professional organization (NJAEOP) you can make important contacts with people in your profession. These contacts can provide
 you with insight into how others are handling their job(s) and careers and, perhaps, give you ideas on what you can do. They can give you
 support by sharing their understanding of your situation. 

Membership in your state professional organization---NJAEOP, beside giving you the opportunity to exchange thoughts and ideas,
 provides you with information about your peers as well as news about the activities of the executive board members and also the
 November annual convention. This information is provided you through our newsletters Bulletin Board, and Horizons.

Your professional organization affords you the opportunity of achieving professional growth through the Professional Development Program.
 By taking mandated credit  courses through your local college, you can qualify to receive a PDP certificate(s) at three different levels. Most
 school districts are now providing stipends for those who  have obtained a PDP certificate.



 All persons engaged in clerical, business office, and/or secretarial work in any educational system in the State of New Jersey or in
 organizations concerned with  public education in the State, shall be eligible for active membership. 

 Persons NOT eligible for active membership may become Associate Members and enjoy the privileges of active membership with the
 exception of the right to vote and  hold office.


 Is it not true that in unity there is strength????? 

 Is it not important that we as the clerical workers in the educational community stand together, exchange ideas and share interests???? 

The New Jersey Association of Educational Office Professionals (NJAEOP) wants you to share your interests, exchange ideas,
 upgrade education, and keep abreast of the innovations in our field. Please
CONTINUE YOUR MEMBERSHIP and take an active part in
 your Association. 

 Please feel free to contact any of the Executive Board members (click here to go to Executive Board).   They are available to you any
 time you need information.  A membership form is also provided (click here for membership form). 

Won’t you take the few minutes needed to RENEW your membership and send in your dues? 

GREAT THINGS WILL BE HAPPENING, AND WE WOULD LIKE TO HAVE THEM HAPPEN TO US TOGETHER!!  Please check our new website: www.njaeop.net for future updates.

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Executive Committee
Dawn Leek, Atlantic County
 Past President Judi Schwenger, Atlantic County
 Vice President Brigitte Walters, Atlantic County
 Treasurer Marie Hunter, Atlantic County
 Recording Secretary Melissa Cruz, Essex County
 Correspondence Secretary Marian Stefanski, Atlantic County
 Membership Chair Kathy Napier, Ocean County
 Editors – Bulletin Board
Kathy Napier, Horizon Dawn Leek
 Asst. Membership
Cheryle Conti, Cape May County
 Email Coordinator Kathy Napier, Ocean County
 Convention Asst. Laura Quinones, Atlantic County
 PDP Registrar Joanne Duncan, Essex County
 Member-@-Large Cheri Harris, Essex County

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