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New Jersey Assoc. of Educational Office Professionals

83rd Annual Convention
November 4, 2021
Historic Towne of Smithville
NJAEOP Convention 2021

THEME MESSAGE: “NJAEOP – Lei-ing A Path To Success” We the members of NJAEOP will form a stronger organization through unity and by supporting each other and those who have endured illnesses such as the Covid-19 virus---WE are all in this together. Please be sure to check our new website: www.njaeop.net for future updates.

For Further Information Contact
Dawn Leek email: jeffdawnleek@gmail.com

Brigitte Walters
email: bwalters@mullicaschools.com

Executive Committee
Dawn Leek, Atlantic County
 Past President Judi Schwenger, Atlantic County
 Vice President Brigitte Walters, Atlantic County
 Treasurer Marie Hunter, Atlantic County
 Recording Secretary Melissa Cruz, Essex County
 Correspondence Secretary Marian Stefanski, Atlantic County
 Membership Chair Kathy Napier, Ocean County
 Editors – Bulletin Board
Kathy Napier, Horizon Dawn Leek
 Asst. Membership
Cheryle Conti, Cape May County
 Email Coordinator Kathy Napier, Ocean County
 Convention Asst. Laura Quinones, Atlantic County
 PDP Registrar Joanne Duncan, Essex County
 Member-@-Large Cheri Harris, Essex County

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