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New Jersey Association  of Educational Office Professionals


Article I – NAME

Article II – PURPOSE
The purpose of this Association shall be to advance the educational interests of the state; to study and discuss the problems of the educational office professional  and to develop a more efficient and professionally minded educational office professional staff. 


            Section 1

            Membership in this Association shall be four classes:  Active, Honorary, Friend Of and Associate.

            Section 2

            All persons engaged in office professional positions in educational systems of the State of New Jersey or in organizations concerned with education in the State or retired NJAEOP members shall be eligible for active membership in this Association upon payment of annual dues.

            Section 3

            Active members in good standing shall be entitled to vote, to hold office and to participate in meetings of the Association.

            Section 4

            Honorary members may be elected at the annual meeting of the Association by a vote of the majority of active members present; provided that nominations for such honorary memberships shall have been approved by the Executive Committee.  Honorary members shall be entitled to all the privileges of active members with the exception of the right to vote and hold office and shall be exempt from paying dues.

            Section 5

            Memberships in the Association shall terminate upon failure to pay dues for one year, or upon resignation.  Furthermore, back-purchase of previously unpaid and inactive periods of NJAEOP membership will not be permitted for any reason. (approved 11/4/10)

            Section 6

            The annual dues of this association with the exception of Associate membership, shall be fifteen ($15) dollars, and no person shall vote whose dues for the current or preceding year are  unpaid.  The annual dues of the Association of Associate membership shall be TEN ($10) dollars.  The membership year shall begin the first day of July 1 (academic year).

            Section 7

            Associate membership shall include, upon payment of the annual dues, persons not eligible for active membership as defined in Section 2 of this Article.  Associate members shall be entitled to all the privileges of active members with the exception of the right to vote and hold office.  Active members who cease to be employed in clerical or secretarial work in educational systems of the State of New Jersey, or in organizations concerned with education in the State, may thereupon become associate members for the balance of the period for which their dues have been paid. 


            Section 1

            The officers of this Association shall be a President, a Vice-President, a Recording Secretary, a Corresponding Secretary, and a Treasurer, all of whom shall be members in good standing and shall assume office immediately upon conclusion of the convention, except the Treasurer who must first be bonded.

            Section 2

            The officers, except the President, shall be elected at the annual meeting for a term of ONE (1) year and no officer, except the Treasurer, shall serve more than two terms in the same office. 



            Section 1

            The Executive Committee shall consist of the officers, the past president, and members-at-large representing different counties; all of whom shall be members in good standing.

            Section 2

            The Members-At-Large of the Executive Committee shall be elected at the annually meeting, one member being elected annually for a term of one year; and two members being elected annual for a term of two years each.  No member-at-large of the Executive Committee shall serve more than one consecutive term in that capacity.  Each member-at-large of the Executive Committee shall serve as chairperson or member of an active committee of the Association.

            Section 3

            Members of the Executive Committee shall continue in office until their successors are elected.

            Section 4

            The Executive Committee shall have the power to fill any vacancies that occur in it’s membership until the next annual meeting.

a.                  In the event the President shall resign or die, the Vice President  shall immediately assume the office of Presidency until such time as a NEW President can be appointed by the Executive Committee.

b.                 In the event that the Past President ceases to be an active member in the Association, the Executive Committee shall select from among the former presidents who are active members of the Association, one to serve on the Executive Committee.


            The President with the approval of the Executive Committee shall appoint annually such standing and other committees as are necessary. 


            Section 1

            The Association (NJAEOP) shall participate in the annual meeting and convention of the New Jersey Education Association (NJEA).

            Section 2

            The annual meeting and conference of the Association (NJAEOP) shall be held at such time and place that will allow alignment with the annual November Convention of NJEA, for the benefit of NJAEOP members, with time and location as may be designated annually by the Executive Committee. 

            Section 3

            Other meetings may be held at such times and places as may be designated by the Executive Committee at a time and place accessible to members from all parts of the State. 


            Two-Thirds (2/3) of the members present  shall be necessary to constitute a quorum for the transaction of business at a meeting of the Association, and a majority of all the members of any committee shall constitute a quorum thereof.


            Amendments to the Constitution and By-Laws of this Association shall be made only at the annual meeting thereof by a vote of Two-Thirds (2/3) of the members present provided that the proposed amendments shall have been included in the notice of the annual meeting.


 Adopted:  by the Exec. Committee – 2/16/12; ADOPTED by Full Membership – 11/8/12


Article 1 – MEETINGS

            Section 1

            The order of business at any business meeting shall be as follows:

1.                  Call to Order

2.                  Reading of Minutes

3.                  Report of Treasurer

4.                  Communications/Correspondence

5.                  Reports of Standing Committees

6.                  Reports of Special Committees

7.                  Unfinished Business

8.                  New Business 

Section 2

            All meetings of this Association shall be conducted according to parliamentary procedures as set forth in Robert’s “Rules of Order Revised.” 

            Section 3

            Notice of regular and special meetings of the Association shall be mailed or emailed or faxed so as to reach each member at least two (2) weeks in advance of such meeting. 


            Section 1 – President

            The President shall preside at all meetings of the Association and of the Executive Committee and shall appoint all committees as provided in Article VI of the Constitution.  The President shall be a member ex-officio of all appointed committees. 

            Section 2 – Vice President

            In the absence of the President, the Vice President shall have all the powers and prerogatives of the President. 

            Section 3 – Recording Secretary

            All resolutions and proceedings of meetings, whether of the Association or of the Executive Committee shall be entered in proper minute books by the Recording Secretary.  The Recording Secretary shall also keep a register of the members of the Association and shall prepare copies as needed.  

            Section 4 – Corresponding Secretary

            The Corresponding Secretary shall conduct all correspondence relating to the Association and shall issue all notices of meetings.  The duties of either Secretary shall be assumed by the other in a case of absence or incapacitation. 

            Section 5 – Treasurer

            All moneys payable to the Association shall be paid to the Treasurer of the Association.  All moneys payable by the Association shall be paid by the Treasurer.  All activities requiring expenditures shall be authorized in advance by the Executive Committee.  The officer or the chairperson of the committee which incurs the obligation shall prepare a voucher for each bill/voucher for the President’s approval.  The Budget Chairperson, after ascertaining the budget condition, then approves the expenditure and sends the documents to the Treasurer for payment.   The Treasurer shall issue to each member a certificate of membership upon payment of dues and shall notify the membership chairperson who will, in turn, notify the Mailing Chairperson.  The Treasurer shall report at each meeting of the Association the condition of the treasury.  The Treasurer shall be bonded at the expense of the Association. 

 Article III – Committees

            Section 1

            The standing committees of the Association shall consist of a committee on Nominations and Elections, and Audit, and such other committees as may be established. 

            Section 2

            The Nominations and Elections Committee shall comply with the regulations provided in Article IV of the Bylaws of the Association.  This committee shall consist of five members, each from a different county, to be appointed by the President.

            Section 3

            The Auditing Committee shall consist of three (3) members to be appointed by the President.  It shall audit the books of the Treasurer when they are turned over to the New Treasurer and shall submit its report of this audit to the Executive Committee; and it shall audit the books of the Treasurer at the close of the fiscal year and shall report its findings to the Association.

            Section 4

            All committees shall be subject to the call of their respective chairperson.

            Section 5

            The chairperson of each committee shall submit a yearly report at the annual meeting of the Association.

Article IV – Elections

            Section 1

The Nominations and Elections Committee shall present a ticket at the May Executive meeting as follows:  Vice-President, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, Treasurer, two Members-at-Large for two-year terms, and one Member-at-Large for a one-year term.  All candidates must be active members of the NJAEOP.

Section 2

The ticket shall be published in the Fall issue of HORIZONS.  When there are multiple candidates for each office on the election ticket,  this issue, plus a printed postcard ballot, with provisions for write-in-candidates, shall be mailed to all members.  Members shall cast their vote by marking the ballot and mailing it to the Nominations and Elections Chairperson by a noted deadline date prior to the Annual Meeting. 

Section 3

At the Annual Meeting, the Chairperson of the Nominations and Elections Committee shall announce the results of the election.  The President shall declare the persons elected receiving the largest number of votes cast for each office as elected.  These newly elected persons shall be installed at the same Annual meeting. 

 Article V – Fiscal Policies

Section 1

The fiscal year of the Association shall begin July first and end June  (thirty-first) in each year.

Section 2

This Association shall be conducted as a non-profit organization. 

Revised: - 11/1992, ReTyped  - 1-20-2012, (Changes Adopted by Exec. Committee:  2/16/12), Changes adopted at Annual Convention: 11/8/2012 


Executive Committee
Dawn Leek, Atlantic County
 Past President Judi Schwenger, Atlantic County
 Vice President Brigitte Walters, Atlantic County
 Treasurer Marie Hunter, Atlantic County
 Recording Secretary Melissa Cruz, Essex County
 Correspondence Secretary Marian Stefanski, Atlantic County
 Membership Chair Kathy Napier, Ocean County
 Editors – Bulletin Board
Kathy Napier, Horizon Dawn Leek
 Asst. Membership
Cheryle Conti, Cape May County
 Email Coordinator Kathy Napier, Ocean County
 Convention Asst. Laura Quinones, Atlantic County
 PDP Registrar Joanne Duncan, Essex County
 Member-@-Large Cheri Harris, Essex County

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